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Here, tradition meets technology, sustainability becomes scalable and the future of farming takes root.

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What we do

Cultivate excellence in every harvest

Good products start with high-quality crops. We ensure that your products reach their full potential.

Commercial crop production

Transform farmland into wealth

We help investors source and manage Iowa farmland that reaps stable returns.

Farmland investment services

Maximize every acre's potential

Our asset land management services keep your farmland profitable and preserved for the long run.

Iowa land management

Deliver ag innovation that counts

We don't just solve agricultural challenges — we collaborate and innovate to shape the future of farming.

Agricultural tech partnerships

Our land

Nestled in the heart of north-central Iowa lies lands gifted with nature’s finest resources for crop production. For six generations, this terrain, renowned for its exceptionally nutrient-rich soil and consistent rainfall, has served as more than just land to the Weiland family — it's been blue sky for endless agricultural potential. While our homesite is rooted in Garner, we oversee farmland across seven counties for more than 65 landowners.

Learn about how we’re making a difference in the lands we care for.
Sustainability at Weiland Farms

Dive deeper into our fields

We’re on a mission to sustainably grow the world’s food, fuel and fiber. That means empowering food and seed companies to bring better, sustainable food options to market. Enabling landowners to maximize the ROI and uphold the legacy of their lands. And helping product developers turn agricultural obstacles into opportunities. Read helpful insights, stories and the perspectives that drive our work.

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