Ag innovation

Shape the future of farming

When it comes to farming, innovation isn’t an option — it’s a necessity.

You need real solutions to agricultural problems.

That’s where Weiland Farms comes in. We help ag startups and product developers transform agricultural obstacles into opportunities. With advanced farming operations, a state-of-the-art fleet and a multi-disciplinary team with six decades of farming expertise, you don’t just gain access to resources — you secure a competitive edge. The result? Enhanced product viability and a roadmap to ROI.

Automated farming

Auger wagon ticket system

At Weiland Farms, accurate record-keeping is paramount. Take the automated ticketing system for the auger wagon we helped develop. We clearly identified the challenge our partner wanted to overcome and worked closely with them to develop a technical solution that not only eliminates human error but also speeds up procedures and ensures precise record-keeping. This real-time data accuracy gives us immediate insights into operations.

Product Testing

Early maturity conversations 
with international ag manufacturer

Our multidisciplinary team, armed with agricultural experience spanning multiple continents, is skilled at addressing early maturity and idea development. An international agricultural manufacturer looking to gauge whether its current product line aligns with the demands of the Corn Belt recently turned to Weiland Farms. In a 90-minute session, we presented multi-angled arguments both in favor of and against various product advancements, saving the company from potentially expensive and time-consuming missteps.

Agricultural adaptation

Remote tire pressure sensing

Sometimes solutions created for one sector can solve problems in another. To demonstrate this, we partnered with a company with established technology in remote tire pressure sensing for fleets that wanted to explore its viability in agriculture. Our team recognized the value instantly — we’ve felt the financial burden of prematurely worn-out tires that a remote sensor could have helped prevent. In addressing this challenge, we were able to highlight unique technical challenges specific to our sector and suggest potential workarounds.

Our specialties



Crop disease

Why Weiland Farms?

We see ourselves as more than professional growers — we're your partners in agriculture innovation. We offer:
Operational efficiency

Our technology-driven farming methods make agricultural product development and testing more accurate and effective. That means you get superior-quality products to market faster.

Tailored testing environments

We offer a dynamic range of testing environments designed to provide reliable results. This ensures your farming solutions are well-prepared for the real world.


Our relationships are a two-way street. By working with us, you get more than a testing ground — you’ll have a partner committed to pushing your product to new heights.

Ag Tech innovation

We're always on the lookout for the next big (or small) and little agricultural advancement. That means having access to an environment rich in forward-thinking solutions.

Problem-solving mindset

Embracing challenges is integral to our approach. We identify and adapt solutions to meet your product’s unique needs.


Show your customers your commitment to the environment. Our sustainable farming practices align with the ecologically-sound products and responsibilities your customers demand.

“When we set out to make some changes to our main product line, we knew we needed a partner that would enable us to make quicker, well-informed decisions in a more cost-efficient manner. Weiland Farms delivered on that above and beyond. They helped us shape our approach, identify areas of improvement and integrate innovative solutions into our system for a successful product launch.”

- Client name withheld

What our clients say

“Partnering with Weiland Farms has been a game-changer for our business. We rely on their expertise to provide us with quality certified proso millet seed that meets our precise specifications, and they consistently deliver beyond our expectations. Their commitment to quality, yield and sustainably is unparalleled and has helped us ensure a reliable supply of seed for our fast-growing business.”

Craig Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, Dryland Genetics

“Growing specialty crops requires a farm to think about its operations differently and adopt an agile strategy in execution. This is what excites me about partnering with Weiland Farms. Reid and his team meet the challenges of specialty crop production head-on. In our case, they’ve implemented a best-in-class IPM program to ensure the cultivation of pure non-GMO soybean fields, delivering high-quality grain for our closed-loop crush. Coordinating grain deliveries to specific locations on specific days is common practice in our line of work. Throughout these logistical hurdles, Weiland Farms has consistently demonstrated adaptability, proving themselves to be reliable partners.”

Kyle Smith, Director of Grower Innovation, Benson Hill

Frequently asked questions about our
ag Innovation

How does Weiland Farms support AgTech companies in product testing and product development?

Weiland Farms is more than a prototyping and testing ground — it's a collaborative hub. Our high-performing operations; talented, multi-disciplinary team; and modern fleet provide the perfect backdrop for refining and developing your products. But we don't stop at testing. With deep agricultural knowledge and hands-on experience, our in-house team guides ideation and concept development, providing “reality check” services that ensure you’re on the right path.

What types of technology does Weiland Farms use in its operations?

We leverage advanced ag technologies that bridge the gap between data insights and mechanical outcomes, including:

  • Precision agriculture techniques
  • Drone farming
  • Autonomous farm equipment
  • Automated farming solutions
  • Efficient workflow solutions
  • Integrated data-driven systems
  • Automated water management systems

But technology is only part of our equation. It’s our team's problem-solving capabilities and operational efficiency that truly set us apart.

What is the process of collaborating with Weiland Farms?

It all starts with a 30-minute consultation. We’ll use this time to understand your needs and objectives, and how we can support your desired outcome. If you’d like to learn more about us or simply say “hello,” schedule a no-obligation call with Reid Weiland, our managing partner, here.

My company is launching a new product. How can you help reduce time-to-market?

Leveraging a real-world setting like Weiland Farms can greatly trim time-to-market. Our meticulous testing procedures can help identify potential issues early on, saving your company time, money and resources. Our team also offers ag technology solutions that can accelerate your timeline and get your product market-ready faster.

How can you help us balance sustainability in our product testing and/or development?

Our commitment to sustainable farming runs deep, whether we’re engineering the growth of identity-preserved crops or programming automated spray drones that snap images 50 miles away. When you partner with us, these environmentally-supportive practices get passed onto your agricultural product development and/or testing process.

How does Weiland Farms assure the quality and safety of its test environments?

Safety and quality are paramount at Weiland Farms. We follow the strictest safety standards at every step of our operations to create a secure setting for all. Through ongoing monitoring and advanced agricultural practices, we maintain a high-quality testing environment.

How can Weiland Farms help us keep up with the latest advancements in agriculture innovation?

We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and continually adapt our operations to the latest farming advancements. But we also look beyond trends. We’re here to enhance your product portfolio, keeping you both ahead of the curve in AgTech advancements and primed for long-term prosperity.