Where farming tradition meets innovation

We’re not afraid to break new ground. At Weiland Farms, we’re helping drive the future of agriculture by optimizing the intersection of land, crop and Mother Nature.

As one of north-central Iowa's premier professional growers and farmland management companies, Weiland Farms builds on more than 200 years of family farming tradition. We bring deep experience and innovative solutions to increase productivity, enhance sustainability and maximize the potential of every acre we oversee.

Our values


We leverage technology to optimize every acre we oversee.


We turn farming challenges into opportunities for maximum productivity.


We make decisions that safeguard our land for future generations.

The Weiland Farms story

For six generations, the Weiland name has been synonymous with progressive farming excellence.

The most recent chapter of our farm’s story began with Don Weiland, who at 16, followed his family’s farming tradition by renting his first patch of farmland. Driven by the dream of becoming a successful farmer, Don understood that improving farming practices, yields and operational efficiency was the pathway to prosperity.

Over the years, Weiland Farms — a family partnership officially established in 2014 — raised a variety of cash crops including potatoes, peanuts, pigs, cattle and chickens.

But as times changed, so did our focus. Today, we specialize in growing value-added specialty crops, along with high-volume corn production.

The farming tradition continues with Don’s son, Reid. Guiding Weiland Farms into modern agriculture, Reid has successfully transitioned the farm from a small family operation into a thriving agricultural business.

Our expanded offerings include:

At Weiland Farms, we take a long view when it comes to agriculture. And we take great pride in our responsibility to sustainably grow the world’s food, fuel and fiber.

“I watched my grandpa till these fields, and always hoped that I, and future generations, would have the privilege to continue to take care of this land.”

- Don Weiland

Our people

Whether we run reports, repair equipment, shovel grain, bring meals to the fields or operate a half-million-dollar piece of equipment, the Weiland Farms team works together to contribute to the success of the family business.

Don and Judi Weiland

Don helps lead the overall strategy and direction for Weiland Farms. He oversees equipment acquisition and serves as a key advisor in farm-related decisions. On any given day, Don can be found in the yard, sleeves rolled up, ready to lend his expertise to any situation at hand.

Reid and Carla Weiland

Reid, managing partner at Weiland Farms, oversees day-to-day operations on the farm and ensures the farm’s mission is brought to life. He leads all land management and acquisition efforts, as well as manages human resources, marketing and strategic development.


Lea and Brian Leopold

Lea is Don and Judi’s daughter and Reid’s sister. She and her husband, Brian, serve on the board of directors at Weiland Farms.

Meet the team

Reid Weiland

Managing Partner

Reid, managing partner at Weiland Farms, overseas day-to-day operations on the farm and ensures the farm's mission is brought to life. He leads all land management and acquisition efforts, as well as manages human resources, marketing and strategic development.

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Erik Ostlind

Operations Manager

Erik, operations manager at Weiland Farms, excels in farm technology and agricultural automation. A problem-solver and natural “quarterback,” he drives innovation and efficiency.

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Gabriella Ludwig

Production Agronomist

Gabi, production agronomist at Weiland Farms, serves as the go-to resource for crop planning and development. Her technical insights and analytical skills maximize the farm’s productivity and success.

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Bret Swanson

Maintenance Lead

Bret serves as operations lead and maintenance manager. A former tractor mechanic, he operates the planter, sprayer and combine in peak seasons. Off-peak, Bret's focus shifts to overseeing the maintenance on this essential equipment.

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Kathy Leuwerke


Kathy, a farmer herself, previously served as senior credit controls specialist at Winnebago Industries. Today, she plays an integral role at Weiland Farms, managing both administrative and accounting duties.

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