Every step counts towards a sustainable future

Doing our part to preserve the land through sustainable farming and regenerative agriculture

Sustainable farming isn’t just about the actions we take today — it’s about our commitment to preserving the land for generations to come. At Weiland Farms, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our land thrives and remains capable of producing the highest-quality food, fuel and fiber for the long haul.

This commitment to responsible farming and being good stewards of the land extends beyond our borders. That’s why we take pride in partnering with those who share our mission for a sustainable future.

Sustainable farming and land stewardship

Land stewardship and sustainable farming go hand in hand. We integrate sustainability into all aspects of our grower and land management operations, from optimizing nutrient use to developing IP crops to thrive in our specific climate to managing pests responsibly. These proactive practices help preserve the health of the land, cultivate higher quality, more sustainable crops, and bring reliable returns to landowners.

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Embracing regenerative agriculture

We do more than just maintain the land — we’re here to help it thrive. This means embracing regenerative agriculture practices that not only uphold environmental sustainability but improve the long-term health of our planet.

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Our approach to regenerative agriculture

Seek crop
Protect water
the soil
Participate in land
set-aside programs

“Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond farming — we are sowing the seeds for a future where both the land and our partnerships flourish.”

- Reid Weiland, Managing Partner