Iowa land management solutions

Keep your farm profitable and preserved for generations to come

It takes a combination of deep experience, operational efficiency and sustainable farming practices to make your land truly flourish. So when you’re entrusting someone with your most valuable asset, you want a partner who’ll harness its full potential. As one of north-central Iowa's premier farm land management companies, Weiland Farms brings more than 200 years of family farming experience and innovative solutions to every acre we oversee.

We offer tailored, end-to-end solutions that deliver the highest degree of land management to ensure your land stays profitable and preserved for generations to come.

Over 65 landowners trust us to manage their land

Iowa land management services for farmers

You have unique needs when looking to exit farming operations or retire. That’s why we pride ourselves on providing customized land management services to preserve your legacy and ensure the continued prosperity of the land you’ve dedicated years to cultivating.

Farm transition advisory

Transitioning out of farming operations? Get guidance and support for managing retirement, changing careers and succession planning to ensure a smooth handover.

Legacy preservation

Your farm's legacy is important to us. We ensure the continuity of your farm's identity, preserving its aesthetic and maintaining standards of care you've set.

Stewardship and maintenance of farm acreage

Pride in one's land transcends generations. We keep your farm's acreage in optimal condition, upholding the highest standards of care and land management.

Family-style partnership

We’re more than land managers — we’re partners who ensure your land’s legacy is honored and carried forward with respect.

Transparent communications

Stay updated about your asset at all times with proactive, open communication.

What our clients say

“Working with Weiland Farms has been an exceptional experience. Their team's deep understanding of agriculture, combined with their innovative approaches and commitment to sustainability, has made them an invaluable partner in managing our farmland investment. They have consistently exceeded our expectations in terms of service, communication and results.”

- Scott G.

“Excellent farm management family-owned company. Reid keeps us informed with his detailed reports and professional communication. He takes pride in his farming techniques and yields. He is very transparent and has been proactive when it comes to lease terms and rents. We are fortunate to work with Reid and his family and strongly recommend their farm management services.”

- Karey B.

“Reid and Don Weiland have been operating and managing our farms in Hancock County for over 10 years, and I can attest to their professionalism in all regards. Land stewardship, insect and weed control, fertilization and best farming practices in general…we could not be more pleased!”

- Robert S.

Iowa land management services for investors

As an investor, you’re looking for sustainable land assets and stable returns for years to come. That's why we offer a suite of professional land management services tailored to meet those goals and more.

Land acquisition sourcing

Leverage our extensive operations network and local expertise to find the right farmland for your investment goals.

Lease agreement management

Save time, stress and expenses by letting us handle all aspects of setting up and managing your lease agreements.

Asset enhancement

Amplify the value of your investment with our team’s diligent oversight of all necessary property improvements and deep-rooted local connections.

Government compliance updates

Stay informed and compliant as we navigate federal, state and local legislation, reporting and programs on your behalf.

Comprehensive annual review

Receive a detailed annual review to fully understand your land’s performance, along with bi-annual updates.

Accessible support

Discuss any issues or questions you have in a partnership committed to mutual respect and open communication.

Innovative agriculture management

We leverage leading-edge ag-tech solutions — from farm automation to agricultural drones — to bring out the best in your land. Our team is dedicated to maximizing productivity and operational efficiency, an approach that not only bolsters your land’s current performance, but also contributes to its lasting value.

Discover ag innovation

Land management for a sustainable future

Farming isn’t just about the here and now. It’s about planning for and maintaining land that continually yields optimal returns. We keep your farm running productively and profitably — not just today but by preserving it for future generations.

Learn how we care for the planet

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land values

Peak productivity

Sustainable legacy

Why Weiland Farms?

Your land is more than a statistic in an investment portfolio or a parcel on a map. We see it as a unique asset, full of potential. We offer:

Unmatched expertise

It takes intimate knowledge and precision to manage farmland not only efficiently but effectively. With our expertise in agronomy and farm management, we can optimize your land’s productivity while maintaining its inherent value.

Proactive risk management

A good land manager doesn’t just react to problems; they prevent them. We work diligently to identify and mitigate potential risks, protecting your investment from market volatility and environmental changes.

Customized solutions

Your land is unique, and so are your needs. We offer tailored land management solutions to ensure your asset yields optimal results.

Value-driven approach

Working with us is far from transactional. We’re here to grow your Iowa land asset with you, over time, aligning our strategies with your financial goals for long-term success.

Proven operating model

Our methodologies have been refined over decades of hands-on farming and land management. But we’re not rigid in our ways. Our continual investments in our people and leading-edge technology allow us to adapt to changing economic and environmental conditions, keeping us — and your investments and your asset — ahead of the curve.

Flexible leasing arrangements

We provide our landowners with the flexibility they need in managing their farm land. With a mix of leasing agreement options, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need.

Frequently asked questions about land management

Whether you're a farmer, landowner, buyer or investor, we’re here to help unlock the peak potential of your land.

What are my management requirements as a land owner?

As a Weiland Farms landowner in Iowa, expect minimal management requirements. We take care of the day-to-day operations, so you can be as hands-off as you prefer. Your primary responsibilities include receiving rent income and managing property taxes.

We’ll keep you updated through our spring and fall newsletters, and we're available for further interactions as needed. This ease of ownership is one of the key benefits of farmland investments, allowing you to enjoy the returns without the typical hassles of property management.

What does Weiland Farms do to ensure the land maintains its value over time?

Preserving and enhancing your land's value is at the heart of our mission, whether through conventional or organic farm management strategies. We do this by investing in technology that optimizes operational efficiency and following sustainable practices that protect the land's health and productivity. We stay proactive in market analyses and crop selection, allowing us to adapt to trends that promote profitability. But more than that, we create a distinct pedigree for each tract of land that adds to its intrinsic value.

What kinds of sustainable farming practices do you employ?

Our commitment to sustainable farming practices includes:

  • Improving soil fertility
  • Managing water usage efficiently
  • Reducing air and water pollution
  • Building resilience to extreme weather
  • Promoting biodiversityAnd more

We stay ahead of agricultural industry developments and continually adjust our methods to make sure we meet the highest standards of sustainability.

I'm an Iowa farmer planning to exit operations. How can Weiland Farms help with my transition?

We understand that planning your farm's future is a significant decision. That’s why we'll work closely with you to develop a transition plan that ensures the long-term viability of your farm, honors its legacy and gives you peace of mind. This includes taking over the operational responsibilities, making necessary improvements and ongoing reporting of your farm’s performance.

What is your service area in north-central Iowa?

We offer land management services in the following seven counties in Iowa:

  • Cerro Gordo
  • Franklin
  • Hancock
  • Kossuth
  • Winnebago
  • Worth
  • Wright
I have a tenant farming my land but the performance has been subpar. Can Weiland Farms intervene?

Yes, we offer services to landowners with underperforming tenants. We can assess your situation, offer recommendations for improvement, find a more suitable tenant, and/or if necessary, take over the management of the land to optimize its performance and profitability.

What are the ongoing costs of a farmland investment?

The annual costs associated with a farmland investment in Iowa can include:

  • Property taxes
  • Major field repairs/improvements
  • Drainage assessments

We manage these costs efficiently so that your farm stays productive and profitable, making your agricultural investment a long-term asset worth any expenses.

Our landowners aren’t just clients — they’re our partners. Our financial success is tied to running productive, operationally efficient farming opportunities that consistently deliver above-market returns — not just for the short-term, but for years to come. As a Weiland Farms landowner, you'll reap the benefits of this approach through the compounding effect of above-market cash returns and increased asset values.

We prioritize transparency in all of our partnerships and provide regular updates detailing the performance of your asset. So, you’ll always be in the loop.

How often will I receive updates on my land investment?

As a Weiland Farms landowner, you’ll receive bi-annual updates on your investment. We also provide an annual report detailing its performance, including crop yields, a thorough field report documenting all operations, such as rock picking, and soil fertility reports as well as any significant operational updates. These details allow us to collaborate closely on developing land use plans that benefit all stakeholders — from the landowner to our community.

How do I start the process of land management with Weiland Farms?

The journey towards profitable, sustainable land management all starts with a phone call with Reid Weiland, our managing partner. This meeting is usually around 30 minutes, and our objective is to understand your current priorities and needs.

If you’d like to understand more about our services, our team, or simply say “hello” and learn more about Weiland Farms, schedule a no-obligation consult here.