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Discover the potential of investing in farmland. One of the most time-honored asset classes, farmland continues to offer sustainable and tangible returns. With 200 years of family farming and agriculture investment experience, Weiland Farms transforms this potential into reality.

We offer comprehensive services — from sourcing farmland to managing it — to support investors and landowners at every step.

$35 million and 2,815 acres of farmland acquired for investment partners

Your trusted partner in farmland investment services

Farmland investments don't have to be overly complicated. With us, you'll have a guide through every stage of the acquisition and land management process.


Discover farmland for purchase within the fertile plains of north-central Iowa — a region we know intimately. We've successfully sourced more than 2,800 acres for investors and can help you find the best opportunities based on our deep regional knowledge.


Have each parcel of your potential land investment evaluated with an expert eye. With six generations and 200+ years of family farming experience across more than 100 distinct tracts, we offer unmatched insights into how properties perform under various conditions and management systems. Drawing on this knowledge, we can also advise on the potential impact of post-sale investments.

Purchase tansaction support

Navigate the complexities of buying farmland with ease. We provide guidance at every step of your acquisition — from negotiating a fair purchase price to supporting a smooth buying process.

Post-purchase asset enhancement

Make the most out of your farmland investment (also referred to as “farm land investment”) after your acquisition. We manage post-purchase development and improvement for more than 65 landowners, always with an eye on future returns.

Farmland management

Protect your land and increase its profitability with our hands-on approach to land management. We ensure efficient operations, optimal yields and sustainable practices to secure a stable return on your investment for the long term.

Income generation

Benefit from our proven agronomic and operational models that enhance the pedigree of your land. The result? Above-market rates and asset appreciation that maximize your ROI.

Maximize your return on investing in agricultural land

We take good land and make it better through higher-value crops and efficient, sustainable land management — and we have a track record of delivering above-market returns for our partners to prove it.

Explore land management

Leverage local knowledge for your farmland investments

Considering purchasing farmland, or recently became a landowner, but feel out of your depth due to lack of local knowledge? We’re here to help. With deep roots in our Iowa farming community, our team brings valuable insights and resources that help you navigate the local market and make better-informed decisions.

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Why Weiland Farms?

Investing in farmland can be complex, which is why we offer personalized guidance at every step.

Unmatched expertise

Investing in farmland can be challenging due to the limited supply and intricate nature of the land’s productivity or potential. Our long-term, hands-on approach sets us apart. We leverage years of experience and deep knowledge of land performance under various conditions (such as wet or dry years, and crop types) to maximize return over decades — not just short-term gains.

Extensive network

Cultivated over six generations, our network offers our Weiland Farms investors exclusive opportunities to access properties — often before they hit the market

Value-driven acquisitions

Working with us is far from transactional. We’re here to grow your land asset with you, over time, aligning our strategies with your financial goals for long-term success.

Exceptional land management

It’s what happens after your purchase that sets us apart. We manage your land to the highest degree, sustainably, to ensure your investment appreciates over time.

Proven operating model

Our methodologies have been refined over years of hands-on farming and investment management. But we’re not rigid in our ways. Our continual investments in our people and leading-edge technology allow us to adapt to changing economic and environmental conditions, keeping us — and your investments — ahead of the curve.

Flexible leasing arrangements

We provide our landowners with the flexibility they need in managing their farm land investments. With a mix of leasing agreement options, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need.

Frequently asked questions about farmland investment

Whether you're a first-time or seasoned investor exploring agriculture opportunities, we’re here to help you navigate your journey toward investing in farmland.

What are my management requirements as a farm land investment owner?

As a Weiland Farms investor, expect minimal management requirements. We take care of the day-to-day operations, so you can be as hands-off as you prefer. Your primary responsibilities include receiving rent and managing property taxes.

We’ll keep you updated through our spring and fall newsletters, and we're available for further interactions as needed. This ease of ownership is one of the key benefits of farmland investments, allowing you to enjoy the returns without the typical hassles of property management.

What should I expect regarding an initial investment in farmland?

Your initial capital outlay for investing in agricultural land will vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Location and size of the land
  • Quality of the land
  • Improvement opportunities
  • Market conditions

During your initial consultation, we’ll discuss your investment goals and potential investment opportunities that align with them.

Is financing available for farm land investments?

Investors have multiple options when it comes to financing. We have extensive experience in farmland investment services and are here to help you navigate your options. Farmland is often considered a preferred asset by lenders, further enhancing financing opportunities for potential investors.

What are the annual costs of investing in farmland?

Investing in farmland involves certain costs, which can vary based on numerous factors relating to your acquisition. These may include:

  • Property taxes
  • Major field repairs/improvements
  • Drainage assessments

We can help predict these costs so that your land stays productive and profitable, making your agricultural investment a long-term asset worth any expenses.

Our investors aren’t just clients — they’re our partners. Our financial success is tied to uncovering productive, operationally efficient farming opportunities that consistently deliver above-market returns — not just for a year, but for generations to come. As a Weiland Farms investor, you'll reap the benefits of this approach through the compounding effect of above-market cash returns and increased asset values.

In addition, we prioritize transparency in all of our partnerships and provide regular updates detailing the performance of your farmland investment. So, you’ll always be in the loop.

What are the potential returns if I invest in farm land?

Farmland investments yield returns through a combination of “cash-on-cash” returns (Iowa State University data shows ~2.9% over the last 10 years for north-central Iowa) and gradual appreciation of your land value. This asset class is attractive due to its low correlation to other major assets and stable growth, particularly during periods of inflation. The steady appreciation is driven by an ever-increasing global demand for food, fiber and fuel due to a rising population, and the decreasing availability of arable land. This heightened demand, coupled with sustainable land management practices (such as drainage improvement, soil fertility management and sustainable farming methods), contributes to consistent farmland appreciation. Improved cropping practices and genetics, which increase yields, also play a role in driving appreciation.

With projected population growth and continual advancements in crop uses, investing in farmland provides an opportunity for robust and resilient returns.

How do I know that my farmland investment is being managed sustainably?

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We know that good stewardship not only benefits our natural systems and resources, but it also reinforces the long-term value of your land.

Our sustainable agriculture investment approach includes:

  • Improving soil vitality
  • Reducing air and water pollution
  • Managing water usage efficiently
  • Building extreme weather resilience
  • Embracing and promoting biodiversity
  • Planting cover crops
  • Reducing tillage
  • Planting alternative crops

We keep a finger on the pulse of the agriculture industry, and continually monitor and adjust our practices to ensure we're meeting the highest standards of sustainability.

How often will I receive updates on my farm land investment?

As a Weiland Farms investor, you'll receive bi-annual updates on your farmland investment. We also provide an annual report detailing its performance, including crop yields, a thorough field report documenting all operations, such as rock picking, and soil fertility reports as well as any significant operational updates. We believe in open and consistent communication and are always available to discuss your investment.

How does Weiland Farms source farm land for investment?

We follow a meticulous farmland investment selection process for our investors. It starts with our deep understanding of the north-central Iowa region and our large operations network. Next, we conduct thorough due diligence by carefully analyzing a variety of factors, including soil quality, water availability, location, crop history, historical performance and potential for land improvement. Our 20 decades of family farming experience allow us to identify the best opportunities for investing in farmland that bring the greatest potential for long-term profitability and sustainability.

How do I start investing in farmland with Weiland Farms?

Investing in sustainable agriculture all starts with a phone call with Reid Weiland, our managing partner. This consultation is usually around 30 minutes, and our objective is to understand your goals and current needs.

If you’d like to understand more about our services, our team, or simply say “hello” 
and learn more about Weiland Farms, schedule a no-obligation consult here.