Erik Ostlind

Operations Manager

Erik, operations manager at Weiland Farms, excels in farm technology and agricultural automation. A problem-solver and natural “quarterback,” he drives innovation and efficiency.

Erik Ostlind is operations manager at Weiland Farms. Erik’s passion for problem-solving led him to join Weiland Farms in 2015, where he leads the team and collaborates with operations and machinery departments.

A natural “quarterback,” Erik skillfully orchestrates people, equipment and product during busy seasons to ensure smooth operations across the farm. He excels at developing innovative solutions for the complex challenges inherent in a farm’s dynamic environment. Erik’s expertise has played a significant role in revolutionizing the farm’s agricultural practices by leveraging advanced farming technology, farm automation and drone agriculture. His accomplishments include managing automation processes on both the grain and input sides and programming an autonomous spray drone that can fly up to 50 miles and capture photographs — all enhancing efficiency and productivity on the farm.

Erik's proficiency in agricultural automation has also facilitated collaborations with prominent manufacturers and agrotechnology companies for agricultural product development, ag product testing and ag equipment testing, further amplifying his impact in the field. He and Weiland Farms have partnered with multiple ag companies to develop advanced, automated systems that improve operational efficiency. Erik's technological expertise, combined with the farm’s resources, creates an ideal setting for testing, refining and generating innovative solutions to enhance product performance.

Dedicated to farming innovation and embracing the future of agriculture, Erik actively contributes to the industry's progress by serving as an advisory board member for a leading American brand and manufacturer.

Erik holds a certificate in network engineering and Linux, and he is an alumnus of the Iowa State Drainage School at Iowa State University. He has also participated in various outdoor training and certification programs across Sweden, Romania and Austria, including rescue training, rock climbing, ski instruction and wilderness ministry. Today, Erik calls north central Iowa home, where he lives with his family.